Anthemia are a promotion company specialising in themed musical genre events hosted at very exclusive and very unique venues. It consists of ChrissyB & Nick Sheldon:


"My DJ career started as most do, doing weddings and birthday parties (the odd barmitzva) until my first residency at Bensons in Hanley. This fired my interest in Dance music in the late 80s and well into the 90s. As a result of my vast knowledge of Dance music I was lucky enough to work in most of Staffordshire’s high profile venues including Regimes, The Place, Valentinos, Ritzy, Central Park, Metropolis, The Locker Room (4 year residency) Bubbles Wine Bar, Leek (8 year residency) Flickers, Leadbelly’s, Minstrels, Reynolds Bar, Stafford,( 3 year residency) Touch. I have also DJ’d in Corfu for 2 seasons and culminating my career I was resident DJ at Fluid, Hanley and Newcastle for 5 years.

Today I would class myself a retired DJ professionally, but still enjoy covering Holidays in Fluid and local clubs and Bars but I no longer earn a living from DJ’ing. I would describe my Musical Style and Preference today as Funky Vocal House Music. Now it's Anthemia all the way!"

Nick Sheldon

"It all started off with my fascination for my dads records. I used to love playing the vinyl on his Pioneer deck, through his (then expensive) celestion Ditton 15 speakers which were powered by a luxman amp, which all added up to a very well rounded sound. I always wanted a pair of decks that were in Argos....I never got them. My first record I owned I won at Stockton Brook bonfire. It was a Wings album, I played it to death. The first records I ever bought were two 7" Pretenders - 2000 miles and, Michael Jackson - Thriller. I used to buy all the Electro's on tape. Anyway, I loved hip hop, and every week I was up Roxy Roller Rink in Stoke-on-Trent, doing my breaking thang. The turtle was my speciality. After we came out of there, we would go to the little indoor shopping arcade which housed the shop 'Fantasy World', and lay out the lino, turn up the ghettoblaster, and dance until they paid us to f**k off! My first 'gigs' (in the broadest sense) were at 6th Form College Fenton, where I used to play tapes in the common room, that I'd mixed with the ghettoblaster (pause sampling). My first proper gig was at Staffs Polytechnic where I set up a couple of nights with my mate Andy. You can see from my past gigs that I played with some big groups. From there I then played at Evergreens ‘interesting story'. I used to hang out with Daz Willot, and he was playing at Evergreens, and I used to help him on the nights sometimes. One night he was playing at another gig somewhere, so he asked me to play the night for him. I did, and it went down so well, that the owner told me he wanted me to do the nights instead, to which I replied 'I don't think so, this is my mates night', and I left. Week after, Daz and I turned up, and the told Daz they didn't want him anymore. Daz said he wasn't bothered as he had another weekly gig lined up anyway, and told me to take over the night (apparently Daz and the owner hadn't seen eye to eye for a while). The night was a great success, and got really packed every Wednesday night. From there I left and went to Minstrels. Minstrels was a superb place, small, and brand new, great decor. It was the perfect venue.....and that's where it really started, the rest as they say is history."