Jeb End

Jeb End is a nick name given to me by my mates that just sort of stuck and as I thought it sounded cool I kept it as my stage name. I have been beatboxing for about six years now and am very passionate about it. It first started as something I thought sounded cool, then soon became a bit more significant as I started learning new techniques and discovering how to link different noises together to make it flow.

I was first introduced to beatboxing by listening to a friend from Buxton, Staffordshire who was also into beatboxing. It’s like an impulse when I beatbox and do it without even thinking. I often find myself at home beatboxing and whilst walking to work and other everyday things. I have also been known to beatbox with a harmonica! Over the past few years I have beatboxed in pubs and clubs around Staffordshire and taken part in a few amateur competitions which I won! My main influences for techniques and ideas come from Rahzel and Roxorloops both professional and inspirational beatboxers. Hope you enjoy!