The Sound Diggers

The Sound Diggers, aka Justin Critchlow is a DJ and producer from Stoke- on-Trent, UK. From being brought up in the clubs and the free party scene in Staffordshire, his love for house music began. Having started Dj'ing at the tender age of 15 and playing many different styles from techno, trance, progressive, funky house and then his final love deep house. Holding a residency for over 3 years at Fluid (Stoke-on-Trent) and playing at classic venues such as the Void, Jaxx club, Touch, The Cube and playing alongside the likes of K-klass, Olivier Desmet, Matt Shrewd, Pete Bromley, Groove Federation & Rob Dalby to name a few.

The Sound Diggers productions has slowly been turning heads around the world with a string of top releases on top labels from Greenhouse, Flavour, Blockheads ,Tastie, Amenti Music, Spatula and Shrewd Music featuring the classic 'Popcorn Party' which topped the charts on Stompy for more than 6 months! Having an ever growing back catalogue of releases on labels worldwide, The Sound Diggers fan base grew rapidly bringing in demand for shows all around the globe! From Canada to Belgium from Czech Republic to Budapest and from London to Manchester, the list keeps growing and continually dazzling the crowds with track selection and the turntable skills forged from a solid scratching hip hop background! The Sound Diggers are also heavily involved with Woodfunk and have been since the beginning!